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How to Pass AWS Course Exams The First Time With Steps

I’m a certification junkie! I’ve been accumulating IT certifications for over 20 years, and I’ve taken over 50 exams over that period! In the article, I’ll discuss how you can get through the AWS Course tests the first time using just five steps. The most important thing to passing the AWS certification exams is ensuring you have adequately prepared.

Preparation is comprised of these five steps that I’ll walk through in this article:

  • Practice (hands-on)
  • Learning (on-demand streaming videos online)
  • Theory (reading)
  • Practice questions
  • Examining for the test

The software has changed little over time, and video-based training has become highly effective, but it shouldn’t be used as a standalone method. A variety of companies sell various tools to assist you in your preparation for examinations. Still, the quality of their materials isn’t always the same, and it’s essential to be cautious when selecting the resources you’ll use.

A few years ago, when I took my Exam, I passed all three AWS Course certificates, and I’m currently studying to renew my certification. This blog was created to discuss the tools and strategies I employ to maximize the amount of time I’m spending and ensure I succeed in passing the Exam every time.

In the blog, I’ll focus on this AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam Associate test. However, this advice applies to all AWS certification tests. Before we jump into the five steps process, it’s essential to understand the background of the Exam.

Background information on the Exam

Generally, tests for associate levels aren’t complicated, and there are many high-quality resources to prepare you for your test. Most people who take these tests will have a basic understanding of IT. You may find it difficult when you’re an absolute novice and cannot distinguish between a block, an object store, or a VM from containers.

However, you don’t have to be an expert in the technologies that underlie AWS cloud computing, as it removes a lot of the complexity.

Many developers who are not knowledgeable about infrastructure are very comfortable with AWS since it provides the tools they require to complete their tasks without worrying about the operations of the layers beneath.

AWS Exam Overview

  • Level Associate
  • Time: 130 minutes to take the test
  • Cost USD 150 (read more about how to obtain AWS certification for a budget)
  • Questions: Formatted in 65-question format, whether multiple choices or multiple responses

Method of delivery: Pearson VUE and PSI Testing centers or online proctored examination (read more about how to take the test at your home).

Associate class of the AWS training program

The Exam falls under the Associate class of the AWS training program and is suggested for those with a minimum of one year of hands-on knowledge. This Exam is designed to be taken by solutions architects. It requires you to demonstrate proficiency in creating the solution using architectural design principles based on the customers’ requirements and offer guidance on implementation using best practices to the business throughout the project’s entire lifecycle.

According to the “AWS Certification of Solutions Architect Associates SAA C02 Exam Guide,” the following AWS information is suggested:

  • One year of hands-on expertise developing cost-effective, available and fault-tolerant, and large-scale distributed systems using AWS
  • Practical experience with computing as well as networking, storage, and AWS database services
  • Experience hands-on with AWS deployment and management services
  • The ability to determine and determine the technical requirements required for an application that is based on AWS.
  • The power to decide whether the AWS services meet specific technical requirements
  • The knowledge of best practices is recommended to create secure and reliable applications for the AWS platform.
  • A basic understanding of architecture principles for building AWS cloud AWS cloud
  • A better knowledge of AWS global infrastructure
  • A thorough understanding of network technologies in how they are related to AWS
  • They understood AWS’s security options and instruments and how they are connected to traditional services.
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