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Seven Tips to Pass Any AWS Training Exam

This guide provides practical suggestions and strategies to increase your chances of passing an AWS Training exam by 25 percent using two simple yet powerful techniques.

Learn how to use AWS’s certification portal. AWS Certification Portal, you can add 30 minutes to your exam to allow additional time to answer questions.

Let’s get started! Here are the top 7 techniques to help you get through any exam for AWS Training.

Best ways to get ready for your AWS Certificate Test

This guide has been condensed into seven tips and strategies, which are divided into exam strategies that you can use, e.g., how to make better decisions when faced with multiple-choice questions to give you an increased chance of picking the correct answer.

Here are my suggestions to help you prepare for the AWS Exam.

Find the appropriate keywords in the question

AWS Certified Exam: The AWS Certified exam consists primarily of multiple-choice questions (4 or more responses), and occasionally they ask for two or more answers. These questions are generally in the form of a long story and are designed to trick you in some instances.

It is, therefore, essential to thoroughly read the book and search for the appropriate words in the text that could provide the answer. This gives you a significant advantage in decision-making and lets you answer questions more quickly!

Allow me to show you how it functions with a model:

“You are developing an application for mobile gaming and you are creating the leaderboard feature that tracks the highest scores among millions of players. Which AWS services would be the best to the scenario?”

A. Amazon Redshift
B. Amazon ElastiCache using Memcached
C. Amazon ElastiCache using Redis
D. Amazon S3

What did I do there? As you can see, I highlighted the most important words of the question in bold font.

This method makes the question much easier to understand. Now you know what’s required in this particular question. This helps you to understand the options available.

As you may have guessed, Amazon Redshift and Amazon S3 are not built for the large numbers of reads and writes typically of mobile games. Amazon ElastiCache with Redis provides native functions that make it easier to create leaderboards. This is the right choice!

It’s possible, but it’s less efficient to organize and sort large data sets. Remember the question? It was asking for the most appropriate AWS services!

Find the answer first. Then, examine the options.

If you have read the question, apply your expertise to solve the question before you start to explore the various choices AWS Training provides. Take just a moment and attempt to answer the questions, and then look at the available options.

You’re creating the Amazon Dynamo DB table that will contain messages for a chat application. The table will include the following attributes: username (string), timestamp (number), and letter (series). Which attribute should you select as the key to partition? What is the sorting key?

A. Username, Timestamp
B. Username, Message
C. Timestamp, Message
D. Message, Timestamp

The answer is yes. The reason you should determine this for yourself can be to prevent confusion. On the test, they attempt to confuse you with several similar solutions.

You can observe this from the multiple-choice answer. The answers A and B are pretty identical and could cause you to be doubtful about your abilities. Repeating this process can be very time-consuming each time you ask a question.

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